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Dr. Shawntia Key

International educator, program and events designer, and cultural studies expert with 13 years of experience in global and higher education management.
Dr. Key is the CEO and Founder of URep Abroad, an organization that brings visibility to the diverse voices and experiences in the international education field.


2021 - Current
Manager, Communication & Events • Ruby Central

Provide project management and the operational aspects of conference and event planning. Provide support in communications-related areas, such as social media posts, messaging, strategy, and organizing and executing public and virtual events for our community.

2020 - Current
Course Instructure • University of California Extension
  • Cultural Diversity and Intercultural Communication Program (course): an overview of diversity and cultural identity in the United States and the importance of understanding and tolerance for intercultural communication. 
  • Micro MBA: Culture and Diversity (module): designed for those who desire an understanding of the key fundamentals of business and the current strategic issues, challenges, and opportunities companies face in today’s evolving global environment.
  • Understanding Self and Relationship-Building to Enact Change Across Cultures (course): prepares students to self-reflect on their privilege and experiences to be informed and active change agents within their communities and globally.
  • U.S. Society and Cultural Studies (course): a Japanese-US bridge program to engage students with issues of diversity, multiculturalism, and cultural identity in the United States.
2018 - 2020
Director, Global Programs • Global Experiences Inc

Developed, implemented, and managed the Global Programs unit, including designing and training emergency response, contracts and agreements, business development and partnerships, hiring and training, supervising international and domestic teams, management of proposals for operating and opening new global destinations, while maintaining a high-ranking program and staff satisfaction.

2016 - 2018
Associate Director, Internationalization • NAFSA

Led professional development efforts with and for university and affiliated senior administrators and international officers (SIOs) seeking to develop and distribute comprehensive internationalization on their campus. The position included the facilitation of organizational strategic goals, program evaluation reports, budget and reconciliation of services, membership elections for national and regional divisions, marketing and content designer, and the management for the NAFSA annual and regional conferences, the yearly Washing Leadership Meeting, AACTE and NAFSA Conference, and AIEA conference.

2012 - 2016
International Programming Coordinator and Advisor • University of Pittsburgh

Designed and managed the undergraduate programming and orientation for international students within the Division of Student Affairs. Role included hiring, training, and mentoring student leaders (domestic and international) in intercultural communication and competency through program development, group facilitation, leadership exploration, contract agreements, program overseeing, student elections, and student government board facilitation with six cultural student organizations, and managing and allocating the yearly budget for student hiring, programming, and product development.

Skills &

Customer Service
Microsoft Office
Risk Management
SalesForce CRM
Virtual Engagement
Web Design
(Word Press and Weebly)
Project Management Software

Consultant • Intern Direct, LoPair Au Pair


Best 2019 Internship Program
Community Choice Award • Go Overseas


Top Rated Organization & Program
Internship Programs • GoAbroad

Best 2019 Internship Program
Community Choice Award • Go Overseas


Top Rated Organization & Program
Internship Programs • GoAbroad


Innovation Award • Global Experiences


Outstanding Performer Award
 • University of Pittsburgh


Advisor of the Year
Student Affairs • University of Pittsburgh


Advising & Mentorship
Cultural Diversity & Leadership Training
Curriculum Develoment
Innovative Program Design
Program & Event Management
Budgeting, web design, facilitation, and planning.


April 2018
Doctorate, Higher Education Management • University of Pittsburgh
December 2011
Masters, International Education • Concordia University, Irvine
April 2009
Bachelors of Arts, International Studies • Hiram College