Culture Expert, Lecturer, & Planner

Hey, I'm Dr Key!

I am an experienced international educator, and events planner with over 15 years of specialization in developing programs, lecturing on building cultural competency and intercultural communication, and supporting diversity within study abroad.

Apart from my work at URep Abroad, where I use storytelling to highlight the unique experiences of diverse professionals and leaders overseas, I also create fun and educational videos about cultural differences in anime.

My Specialty Focuses on...

Supporting the underrepresented and international student experience abroad, program and event development, and lecturing on intercultural communication and cultural competency. 

Educational companies I've worked With includes...

AIFS • Higher Education User Group • IPAG Business School (France) • NAFSA •  National Latina Business Women Association (NLBWA) • University of California Riverside and Riverside Extension • University of Pittsburgh • Tohoku University (Japan) • Teikyo University (Japan) • Nagoya University (Japan) • Z School • Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical Electrical and Engineering (China)

How can I help you?

Professional Reviews are evaluations of my performance and the quality of my work from colleagues and supervisors.

Student Feedback is their assessment of my cultural training and courses.

Dr. Key help teach me about US culture, history, and so many information! At first, I was nervous and worried about her class because I have never studied abroad and never taken a lecture with a teacher who isn’t Japanese. However, Dr. Key explained clearly and spoke slowly for us, so I gradually got used to it and I enjoyed the class 🙂 I can’t speak English frequently, but I’m so happy to take her class, but so sad to finish 🙁 I hope I can meet her again someday.


Thank you for teaching us 10 days! I really enjoyed taking your classes. Through this opportunity, I could get a little confidence in speaking English. Also, I could learn about American history and culture easily and clearly thanks to you!! Thank you so much!!


Dr. Key tried to understand what I wanted to tell even though my English was not well and clearly. At first, I was so nervous to speak English to her, but I could try to do it and enjoy communication with her thanks to her posture. It was the most glad thing for me, and I can speak English without hesitation now. I really appreciate for her.


It was so fun when I could participate in your class! Your cultural diversity explanation or lecture is easy to understand and made me so interested. I wanna talk more with you if there is an opportunity someday. Thank you for 2 weeks!


Because of open personality of Dr.Key, I was not afraid to talk in English. Thank you so much. This class led to my improvement.

Thanks to her, we could be more eager to speak English, and her friendly personality made me relaxed. Thank you again!

Dr. Key is one of the finest colleagues with whom I have worked! Her warmth and dedication to students and colleagues is inspiring and made for a dynamic and empowering work culture. She is willing to ask the difficult questions necessary for organizational and personal growth, she is constantly learning and is open and supportive to everyone she encounters.

– Angela Miller McGraw, Higher Education Consultant

Dr. Key is fantastic. She is very organized, efficient, and diligent. She put together a fantastic conference not for personal gain but because she truly wanted to help others learn and grow. I am so happy I had the opportunity to work with her, and I can’t wait to work with her in the future.

– Marcelius Braxton, Assistant Dean of Students 

Dr. Key is a visionary with a clear passion for a more equitable and inclusive society. It was a pleasure working with her during the “Strategies and Protection: Steps to Systemic Change in the Workplace” conference, which she organized seamlessly in June 2020 for professionals to discuss and enact change in their workplaces while understanding employment rights under Title VII. She was thorough, well-organized, and responsive, and pulled together an incredible group of speakers to lead the conference’s various sessions. 

– Darryl L. Jones II, Ph.D. 

Dr. Key helped us create new streamlined processes and organization. I really enjoyed working with her and appreciated the professionalism she brought to every project.         

-Rachel Smith, Italy Program Director (Global Experiences)

I had the great pleasure of knowing Dr. Key for over 9 years while being at the University of Pittsburgh. We have worked on a number of projects together. Dr. Key is hard-working, dependable, and honest. She has excellent communication skills; in addition, she is extremely organized and experienced with higher education management. Dr. Key is a tremendous asset for any organization and she has my highest recommendation.

– D. Felipe, MBA – Health IT Analyst 

I had the privilege of working with Dr. Key on programming and support for international students at a large, research institution. Dr. Key is a global leader with strengths in critical thinking, cultural competence, creativity, and attention to detail. Dr. Key is able to deliver high level and critical information in the most personal and professional manner.

– Summer Rothrock, Director, Student Affairs (University of Pittsburgh)

I had the pleasure of serving as Dr. Key’s mentor when she took part in the NAFSA Academy Program in 2014-2015. The intersectionality of Dr. Key’s work around diversity, equity, inclusion, and education abroad is deeply needed in the field of international education. Her expertise in this area, along with her excellent teamwork and communication skills, make her a great candidate for many positions within the field of international education. 

– Kate McCleary, Associate Director, Global Engagement Office