Bridging Cultures and Creating Connections

I began my journey as an undergraduate student, becoming a campus volunteer and supporting other international students as they navigated the challenges of studying in the United States. These interactions enriched my understanding of global perspectives and laid the foundation for my cross-cultural experiences. Embarking on a life-changing study abroad experience in Osaka, Japan, and Hangzhou, China, I knew I wanted to build a career in international education and inspire future generations to explore the world through working, studying, and traveling abroad.

Fun Fact: I traveled to 14 countries, including Aruba, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, India, Italy, Ireland, Japan, London, Mexico, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, and numerous states in the USA.

I have explored over 14 countries, indulged in diverse cuisines, built unbreakable relationships, and taught others about myself and my experiences. Those experiences fueled my academic pursuits, earning me a doctorate focusing on the intentions and behaviors of Black Americans studying abroad.

My Hobbies and Achievements

I am a course developer and lecturer at UC Riverside and create fun videos around cultural differences in anime. 

Under my company URep Abroad, I share the stories of underrepresented individuals traveling, working, or studying abroad.

I'm Award Winning!

  • Community Choice Award for Best 2019 Internship (GoOverseas)
  • Innovation Award (Global Experiences)
  • Outstanding Performer Award (Division of Student Affairs, University of Pittsburgh)
  • Top Rated Organization and Program for 2019 Internships Abroad (GoAbroad)